Brixen Dolomiten Marathon – 07.07.2018

Italy’s first mountain marathon with breathtaking start-finish views goes into its 9th edition.

“Running to the limits”: this is the motto of the Brixen Dolomiten Marathon. From the city to the mountain, 2.450 meters in altitude and 42,195 km to overcome: a real challenge! The motto therefore refers on the one hand to the mental challenge and on the other hand to the conquest of the highest peak of the surroundings. The selective course attracts more than 700 athletes from over 20 countries every year. For the runners, the Brixen Dolomiten Marathon is one of the most beautiful mountain marathons ever: the combination of city and mountain, the incomparable view from the starting line to the hopefully attainable goal and vice versa, a look back from the finish to the kilometers achieved in the last hours – pure goose bumps! Equally unique are the many challenges of the route, which includes cobbled road sections, green forests, blooming alpine meadows and high alpine paths with a unique panorama of the Dolomites. The athletes are offered a constantly changing and breathtaking panoramic view!

Lake Garda: In the days after the race you can relax on the nearby Lake Garda from the strains of the race. It is only about 1,5 hour’s drive from Brixen.


“We love to help“. About 350 volunteers take care of the safety and the best possible catering for the runners along the course. True to the motto “we love to help” they take care of the well-being of every runner. A friendly word here, an encouragement there: 21 catering stations over 42,195 km confirm the tight network of support for the athletes. Thanks to the personal commitment of the numerous volunteers, the Brixen Dolomiten Marathon has an incredible finish rate of 98%!



“Everyone is a winner” – the anthem of the event. A unique and extraordinary hymn has been created that gives the spirit and emotions of this mountain marathon a voice that gets under your skin. The sensitive text tells step by step the feelings of a 42-km run from start to finish, supported by the imposingly arranged music, a goose bunch feeling is guaranteed.





Competition Registration fee
Marathon Until 30.04.18 90€, 01.05.18-30.06.18 110€, from 01.07.18 130€
Relay 4×4 Until 30.04.18 160€, 01.05.18-30.06.18 190€, from 01.07.18 190€
Relay 2×2 Until 30.04.18 110€, 01.05.18-30.06.18 130€, from 01.07.18 130€
Company relays 4×4 Until 30.04.18 160€, 01.05.18-30.06.18 190€, from 01.07.18 190€

Registrations on http://bit.ly/2H7NN7q or  info@brixenmarathon.it


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