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About Barend van Drooge

Name: Barend
Date of birth: 03 december 1973
Residence: Barcelona / La Pobla de Lillet
Occupation: Investigator
Trail runner since: 1996
My top 5 walking routes:

1. Al trails La Pobla de Lillet (CatllarasTrail,
2. Andorra Ultra Trails (Marathon,Mitic)
3. UT Barcelona
4. Festa Trail
5. Trails in the mountains (Pyreneeën –Alpen).

Trails I just did not make: Mitic trail… I just could not make it to the finish line. Still I had 30km left out of a 110km, but I just could not do it.
My expertise in trailrunning:  I am the most experienced in mountain running, under any kind of circumstances. Hot with a lot of sun or cold with a lot of snow.
I love to trail in mountain areas. Most of the time I run alone, sometimes a couple of friends join me. Spontaneous trails are the most fun, in this way I don’t have to be gone all day. Most of the times one or two hours running is enough to become one with nature.

About me: I love to be with family and friends, we go for a walk all the time and climb the mountains. Everything in nature has my interest, but being surrounded by mountains…the short distance and hights… I just love it.

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