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About Carlo Pappot

Name: Carlo Pappot
Date of birth: 11 december 1970
Location: Mijdrecht
Occupation: Self employed
Trail runner since: 2012
My top 5 walking routes:

1. Thames Path 161km
2. Eco trail Paris 80km
3. The Wall 111km
4. Tunnel Seattle Marathon
5. First Edition X-trails Vaals

Trails I just did not make: Mmm that are a few. Sometimes I got to do the shorter measuring distance for an bigger target later in the year.
My expertise in trailrunning: Especially flat (eng-eng-bel) path is what attracts me. I am not built for real mountain trails yet.
Maybe  it will happen on short-term because I read many  stories and see pictures of other trailrunners that make me very enthusiastic.
My biggest strength is my mental state of mind thats keep me going on, and the fact I am lucky to have a strong body.
About me: I am self-employed and work many hours a week. In order to sustain this I need my sports to recharge the battery.
In addition to trailrunning, I am also an avid triathlete. Sometimes it’s difficult to plan trainings both for your ultras as for your triathlons. Anyway we often do  come quite far if your mindset is okay.
Besides work and sports, I am married and father of three daughters and I have a super sweet dog Diesel.

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