Trailrunning trainers are the centre of trailrunning

which is why they are so important for our organization. Trailrunning trainers are giving sessions in the Netherlands and abroad. With these sessions we want you to enjoy the environment and experience trailrunning. Trailrunning will facilitate the sessions and you can be one of our trainers during the sessions.

A trailrunning trainer gets the ability to create (paid) workshops and/or sessions. As a trainer you can buy trailrunning items at discount. Not everyone is suitable as a trainer, the selection is carefully done by me and other trainers. Personality, passion, trailrunning experience and good communication skills are necessary … They need to act as individuals but also as a teamplayer. TRAILRUNNING Europe offers training programs in consultation to prepare for certain trails and distances. We offer these plans possibly under supervision and payment.

Conditions (You have an advantage if you are certified running trainer and you have experience with different (ultra)trails in the netherlands and abroad)


Do you want to become a part of TRAILRUNNING Europe and are you willing to:

  • Accompany us in our travels as a trainer, within the Netherlands and other countries?
  • Organize training activities within your own region?
  • Help us finding and manage volunteers for our events?
  • Share pictures and stories from your own account at
  • Write reviews of your favourite gear and publish them in our site?
  • Participate in trails on behalf of TRAILRUNNING Europe as a reporter?
  • Promote TRAILRUNNING Europe at partner- and owner events?
  • Come together 2 or 3 times a year to share your vision and ideas about our community?

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