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Trail running

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    What is Trail Running?

    This is actually quite straightforward. Trail running means; running on dirt paths through nature. Do you love the outdoors and do you like to be active? Then we can assure you that trail running is the sport for you!

    We organize

    We organize several trail-run events all over the Netherlands. During these events we offer routes varying from 5 to 109km. Also, we are known for organizing the online Nature Challenge. During this challenge outdoor enthusiasts spend 25, 50 or 100 hours in nature during the month of May. Whether you prefer to spend these hours running or hiking, is completely up to you. When you successfully completed this challenge, the unique Nature Challenge medal will be delivered to your doorstep.

    We share

    Furthermore, we publish interesting blogs and reviews. Thereby, we also provide all the information a beginner needs to start trail running. At this moment, most of the content is only available in Dutch, but stay tuned! Because currently we are working very hard on creating a trail running platform that can serve our English users just as well as it already does serve our Dutch.

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