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    Trail Events

    The most beautiful trail running events in the Netherlands

    Welcome to our trail running events platform! Here you will find an extensive running event agenda with the most beautiful and special trail running events in the Netherlands. Trail runners that founded this organization have been running in Dutch nature for decades. This results in much knowledge about the most special and unique trails. We are proud to be able to offer you the most beautiful routes in the Netherlands. We do this for both beginners and experienced runners.

    Trail Running Events Calendar

    On this page you will find a calendar with all our running events, workshops, and training sessions. In our overview you will find different and unique running events through nature. This trail running events calendar clearly shows the date, the starting location, the different distances and the altimeters. At the top of our running events calendar, you can easily filter on the characteristics that are most important to you, so you will always find a running event that suits you. Also try out our map, there you can easily see which running events are organized nearby. To do this, click on “view on the map” at the top right.

    40 Trail Running Events in the Netherlands

    Trail Events organizes running events, workshops, and free training sessions. The running events are not only unique because of their beautiful routes, but also because there is no competitive element. During our events, the focus lies on enjoyment. We hope our participants will take time to look around, listen to the silence, and maybe even stop for a quick photo. Our workshops and training sessions are of small-scale and take the participants into nature to share our passion for trail running.

    Trail Running Events for beginners and Ultra runners

    As a trail-run-fanatic, you know that running in nature offers the ultimate challenge. It really brings out the best in you. That is why we try to continue to challenge the experienced trail runner. We therefore organize an Ultra trail (50 km) through various areas in the Netherlands every last weekend of the month. As a novice runner, you might not be aware of the advantages trail running has to offer. In that case we would like to introduce you to this beautiful sport. Overall, we try our best to be accessible to every runner by offering distances from 5 to 109 km.

    Trail Running events by Trail Events

    Trail Events is known for its friendly and small-scale atmosphere and its special routes. Our trail running events will never feel crowded or massive due to the spread starting moments and personal contact. During our running events we always provide extensive care stations where you will be surprised by the various foods and drinks we offer, and by our warm volunteers. In addition, the routes of our events are exceptional due to our knowledge of the areas and our good contacts with the regulators. When you participate in one of our events, you will be amazed by all the beauty that Dutch nature has to offer you.

    A unique medal for every Trail Running Event

    We have designed a unique medal for every trail running event. The medals are inspired by the area where the event takes place and are therefore a nice souvenir to take home. Many of our participants have a unique and colorful medal collection at home.

    We only leave footprints

    All of our running events are trail runs. This means that all routes run through nature and paths will be unpaved when possible. Since we appreciate nature so much, it goes without saying that we are very protective of it. Trail Events is therefore a conscious organization that does not burden nature in any way. We take into account the possibilities within the area and are in constant consultation with the forest rangers of the areas concerned. We therefore make sure that nothing of our events gets left behind in nature. We therefore ask our participants to bring their own cup or bottle, because; we only leave footprints.

    Registration procedure Trail Events

    Registering for one of Trail Events’ running events is quick and easy. This way you no longer have to spend hours searching for a suitable event. On our website, you are assured to participate in your favorite trail run in no time. The service costs will not be charged and you can even cancel for free up to 30 days before the event. So what are you waiting for? Register now for one of our unique running events in the Netherlands. This way you are assured of an unforgettable trail running experience and you can further develop your passion for running in nature. Dutch Nature!

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