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Groesbeek Trail

  • NL
  • Groesbeek Trail

    Start location:
    Hotel Holthurnsche Hof
    Kilometers / Altimeters
    • 10 Kilometers
      150 Altimeters
    • 21 Kilometers
      350 Altimeters
    • 30 Kilometers
      500 Altimeters

    The Groesbeek Trail

    The Groesbeek Trail has standard steep elevation meters in a beautiful setting between the Duivelsberg and the Groesbeek forests.

    We start from Fletcher Landgoed Hotel Holthurnsche Hof were we can enjoy the hospitality before and after the trail.

    All distances are fully indicated with arrows

    For every trail runner

    Challenging 30km, 21km and 10km routes, where novice and advanced trail runners can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

    Join us and discover beautiful trails between the Duivelsberg and Groesbeek.


    Landgoed hotel holthurnsche hof

    For the Groesbeek Trail we are guests at Landgoed Hotel Holthurnsche Hof. This hotel is uniquely situated on a beautiful estate between the hills of Berg en Dal.

    Feel free to take the time to take a seat in their cozy restaurant after this trail.

    It is also possible to book an overnight stay at Landgoed Hotel Holthurnsche Hof. You will stay here in a comfortable hotel room where you will be able to relax to the fullest.

    To make a reservation, you can contact the hotel yourself.

    Contact details

    Zevenheuvelenweg 48a
    6571 CK Berg en Dal
    Google Pin

    Phone: 024 – 684 17 44


    • All routes are fully indicated with arrows
    • Unique Groesbeek Trail medal (optional)
    • There are NO plastic cups available, so please provide your own cup/bottle. It is possible to purchase a Trail Running Racecup from the competition secretariat on the day of the event.
    • Participants will receive an email with additional information two days before the event


    The 10 km trail runs the green loop, the 21 km trail runs the green and blue loops and the 30 km trail runs all loops. The running direction is counterclockwise.

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