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Leersumse Veld Trail

  • NL
  • Leersumse Veld Trail

    Start location:
    Landgoed Ginkelduin - Leersum
    Kilometers / Altimeters
    • 11 Kilometers
      20 Altimeters
    • 11 Kilometers
      200 Altimeters
    • 21 Kilometers
      220 Altimeters

    The Leersumse Veld Trail

    A beautiful area, in the middle of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Once you take off, .. you will only cross natural trails. Along vast moors, sand plains, through forests and over many single tracks. We are guests at Estate De Ginkel for the start and the finish. We are very happy with these unique routes through these quiet and special areas.

    One of the most beautiful trails of our offerings. This trail is very versatile, so much in 1 route…


    The Leersumse Veld Trail will depart from Landgoed (Estate) Ginkelduin, in the middle of nature. There are many possibilities to travel to this beautiful park, please consider taking your family along!

    There are two distances to choose from, the 11km or 21km trail.


    Recreation park Molencaten Ginkelduin is our partner for the Leersumse Veld Trail. There is sufficient parking space, follow route P. Feel free to take your time before and after you participate in our trail, the hospitality team of Molecaten Ginkelduin will welcome you with great pleasure.

    Spend the night at the park
    You want to combine our event with a weekend away? You can!
    Go to the website and see what options are available to you:

    Molecaten Landgoed Ginkelduin
    If you want to make a reservation for a meal afterwards, please use the following information:

    Phone: 0343 – 489 999

    The 11 and 21km

    • The route is fully marked with arrows and ribbons
    • There are no cups available, so bring your own (reusable) racing cup
    • Two days before the event, participants will receive an email with all the information needed to be well prepared


    This map shows the route for both the 21km and the 11km trail. The 21km trail runs both loop 1 and loop 2. The 11km trail can choose between loop 1 or loop 2.

    • Participants run loop 1 + loop 2
    • This trail has a total of 220 meters of elevation
    • The elevation gain is mainly in loop 2, so it starts after about 11km
    • Resupply at 11km and at the finish

    With this 11km trail you can indicate on the day itself whether you prefer loop 1 or loop 2. The difference here is mainly in the altitude meters, but the environment is also different.

    • Loop 1 has 20 meters of elevation gain; around the beautiful Leersumse Veld, with water on your path
    • Loop 2 has 200 meters of elevation gain; through the woods towards the Hoge Ginkel
      Supplies at the finish

    Translation: When you arrive, follow the ribbons towards the parking area. The race secretary is located at the pool’s hospitality service, toilets can be found there as well. The start will be 50 meters from the administration.

    The pool is only accessible to guests of the park. There are no open-air showers present.

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