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Mas Montagne Trail

  • NL
  • Mas Montagne Trail

    Start location:
    Mas Montagne - Amerongen
    Kilometers / Altimeters
    • 8 Kilometers
      115 Altimeters
    • 15 Kilometers
      190 Altimeters
    • 23 Kilometers
      300 Altimeters

    The Mas Montagne Trail

    The routes of this special run trough the state-forests of Amerongen. The route consists of three different loops, each loop around 7 kilometers in distance. The starting location is on the terrain of partner Mas Montagne, which is located in the middle of nature.

    The start and finish of each unique loop is at the Basecamp on the grounds of Mas Montagne. Participants indicate in advance whether they will run 1, 2 or even 3 loops in a row. The organization will be present at the Basecamp to encourage and help all participants where they can.

    A great set-up to get acquainted with trail running because of the challenging routes, beautiful nature, and the great atmosphere.


    The “Eenzame Eik” (translated: Lonely Oak), The Amerongse Berg, loads of single tracks, sand paths and forest paths, all present in 3 challenging loops. Run a single loop, or two, or opt for all three loops in a row.
    We start at 10:00 AM. Participants will start every hour until the final group starts at 2:00 PM. Within these starting blocks, participants are also spread to keep the paths quiet. Within your starting block, you can start whenever you are ready.


    We have set up our basecamp at the start/finish location, and will help you when you need us. Whether you want to get acquainted with trail running or if you just want to see if you can get a little further, .. it is all possible during the Mas Montagne Trail.

    Each route is unique and if you run them one after the other, you have ran 23.2 km and climbed a total of 300 altimeters.

    And to make it easy, .. the same rate is charged for all distances, so create your own trail, do whatever fits you, and enjoy this challenging area around the Amerongse Berg.

    We all gather at Mas Montagne in Amerongen. There is parking on the Burgwal, but we advise all participants to travel to this event together as much as possible.
    Adress: Veenseweg 28, 3958 ET Amerongen

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    What’s the idea,…

    You can put together your own trail during this event. For this we have created 3 different routes, all of which start and finish at Mas Montagne. We want to create a beautiful day, where many trail running hobyists come together.

    So whether you want to run 7.5km, 15km or 23km… it’s all possible at the Mas Montagne Trail.

    1. You are completely free in your choice; whether you run 1, 2 or 3 loops, the ticket price is the same regardless of the distance.
    2. On the day of the event you will pick up your bib number at the race secretary. This is the moment where you will tell us the amount of loops you would like to run.
    3. We work with starting blocks, so the block you choose is your starting moment for the day. (So if you want to run multiple loops, make sure your last lap starts no later than 3:00 PM.)
    4. We start with the first group at 10:00 AM and the last loop will start at 3:00 PM.
    5. All participants start and finish at the basecamp, from where the three loops start and finish.
    6. It is not a competition, just a challenge for yourself where we are there to help you.
    7. The order of the loops for this edition will be: RED – BLUE – GREEN. All distances start in that order.
    8. Once you’re done, you can collect your well deserved medal.

    9.30 AM – 3:00 PM  Race administration opened

    Participants start every hour starting from 10:00 AM. During their time-block, participants can start whenever they are ready to start their next loop. We will explain the rules further at the start.

    Participants can start until 3:00 PM and have until 5:00 PM to finish

    We have reversed the order of the routes for this edition. The sequence will be:

    1. Loop 3 : Red – 7,3km with 110 D+
    2. Loop 2 : Blue – 7,8km with 75 D+
    3. Loop 1 : Green – 8,1km with 115 D+
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